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History of AARO

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In 1939, some leaders in the automotive service industry determined that there was a need for an association which would join together independent businesses across the province of Ontario to promote professional and quality automotive service within the industry while providing a network of support across the province for its members.

AARO, Automotive Aftermarket Retailers of Ontario is a not-for-profit association. We welcome professional, quality, independent businesses engaged in the automotive service industry. We also welcome associate members which support the automotive service industry. These associate members include, but are not limited to, automotive parts suppliers, equipment companies (including computer software and hardware), insurance companies/agents, technical and managerial training businesses, uniform service companies, and much more.

We appreciate the commitment and vision of the original founders of AARO and want to make sure we maintain their dedication to all AARO members and the customers we serve. Pictured below is the “First Annual Banquet” for the Retail Gasoline Dealers at the Royal York Hotel, Toronto on March 21, 1939.

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Image of AAROs first general meeting in 1939

  • 1939 - leaders establish a need to promote automotive service
  • Since 1939, AARO welcomes members from all sectors of the automotive industry
  • We work with you and continue to build on our legacy by promoting quality and professionalism.