Craig Van Batenburg has been teaching hybrid technology in classrooms since 2000 and EV classes since 2010 and owns 12 Hybrids and EV’s. Get yourself to this class and ask your questions. Craig has been driving, testing, scoping, scanning, servicing and taking these hybrids apart since 1999. This is the most intensive 16 hours of hybrid training anywhere. THIS IS NOT A SAFETY CLASS, although you will be safer after this class. Lunch is included, limited to 20 students.

– How to start a hybrid with a dead HV Battery pack
– How the HV system can be tested safely
– Top 5 no start causes on a Prius
– What components are failing
– What is a good maintenance schedule for a hybrid or EV
– How to do a compression test on a hybrid
– Plug-in systems – EVSE and Fast Charging, Bolt, Volt, Tesla and Leaf
– How to attract hybrid owners to your shop
– What types of electric motors are in use and how to test them
– Tesla Model S and a lot more…
– Books for sale at the end of the course

Saturday, Nov 17 and Sunday Nov, 18, 2018
9:00 am to 5:00 pm both days