AARO Members are Saving 80% of their Training Costs. Yes! Your Association is now submitting the paperwork for the Canadian Ontario Job Grant (COJG) worth $440.00 per technician.

Receive up to $10,000 for each of your Technicians in Training Grants! And to make it easier “AARO is submitting the paperwork for AARO members and anyone wishing to have AARO perform the grant paperwork on your behalf” We are working with Auto Aide with their On- Line Training courses from December 15th to June 2021. Each course is 2 hours long for each of the 10 courses= 20 hours of training in total for only $110.00. For the dates and course outlines 2020-2021 season visit www.aaro.ca and click on the Training icon on the top right corner. Don’t worry if you missed the first couple of classes, we will have these available to you.


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