Rewards – Earn Points/Redeem Points

Every quarter AARO Dollar Points Statements are mailed out to our members across Ontario. Hundreds of you will be pleased to find you have accumulated a significant number of membership reward points to spend. Appearing on the statement will be a listing of the participating suppliers with whom you have done business, and alongside their names the points they awarded to you in appreciation of your patronage. You can redeem your points (just like real dollars) with the association as payment for many, in fact, most of the products and services we offer. One AARO Dollar Point = One Dollar to spend. It’s that simple.

Our computer system keeps track of everything points earned, and from what source; and points redeemed, and for what purpose… everything is listed and a new point balance is calculated.

Members spend their points on quite a variety of things, but most use them to offset their membership fee. Many also redeem them to cover their tuition for our AARO training classes.