Ford Motor Company Selling Parts under their new Omnicraft line for Non-Ford Vehicles in the U.S.

Ford wants to give you a reason to get your car fixed at a Ford dealer — even if it’s not a Ford.

Ford announced on Tuesday that they are launching a new line of replacement parts for non-Ford vehicles.

The new Omnicraft parts line will be available through Ford dealers, enabling Ford’s dealers to offer service to owners of all makes of vehicles. The Omnicraft line of parts includes most commonly requested parts — things like brake pads and rotors, air and oil filters, and alternators — to fit “all makes of non-Ford vehicles.”

What does this mean for us here in Canada? Well I spoke to my counterparts in the United States and they are not concerned about the dealers servicing all makes and models.

Why is because Independent have ranked number 1 in “Customer Service” over and over again.

We will keep you updated on any new developments on this important topic.

Diane Freeman

AARO Executive Director