Dear AARO members:

As part of our continuing efforts to keep you updated on the changes with the MVIS program, we ask you to take a short survey on the newly launched online ordering of your MVIS licences, Safety Standard Certificates.

The Road User Safety Division of the Ministry of Transportation is modernizing many business processes, and supporting technologies to better deliver its mandate to road safety and to deliver faster, smarter and streamlined government-to-business services.  As part of this initiative the Ministry has launched many online and self-serve options for carrier (Truck and Bus operators) and Motor Vehicle Inspection Station clients.

  • Applying for new MVIS Licences / CVOR Certificates

  • Renewing MVIS and CVOR Licences

  • Ordering Stock (Safety Standard Certificates / Annual and Semi-Annual Safeties)

  • Updating business information online (adding technicians for MVIS Stations – changes to kilometric travel for CVOR Certificate Holders etc…..)

  • Ordering CVOR Carrier (Level 2) Abstracts

Through modernized services, clients will have access to “carrier/MVIS” government services 24 hours a day and will have the ability to complete many of the above transactions using a secure payment method and tracking procedure. 

Please find attached a short survey LINK that we are asking you to fill in. It is important that we get your feedback on this important initiative by:

Friday March 10th 2017


Note: All personal information from you is the secure property of the Ministry of Transportation and will be CONFIDENTIAL to be used for the purposes of enhancing online uptake rates.

Thank you.

Diane Freeman

AARO Executive Director