Submission for June 2019 – Diane Freeman

Ontario College of Trades Fees Reduced or Eliminated altogether! 

As an AARO member we are your VOICE for the Automotive Repair Shops and Technicians and we are pleased to announce the elimination or reduction in annual membership fees for your licenses.

The Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities has made these changes effective immediately. Ontario College of Trades (College) annual membership fees have been reduced or eliminated to be:

*             $0 for Apprentices Class members

*             $0 for Journeyperson Candidates Class members

*             $0 for Tradespersons Class members

*             $60 for Journeypersons Class members

The College has placed a temporary pause on membership fee collection in order to make the necessary technical changes to reflect the new fee structure.

Effective April 12, 2019, the College has temporarily paused sending out invoices and accepting membership payments. The College will begin accepting payments at the new rate as soon as possible and no later than July 5, 2019.  They will notify members once we resume membership fee collection.

Although the College has temporarily paused sending out invoices and accepting payments, members remain responsible for their membership fees during this time. As such, membership fees at the new rates listed above will be assessed for the period of the temporary pause and will be due once the College resumes its payment processing.

Membership fees paid prior to the fee change will be credited either towards College membership fees or any future fee model, as appropriate.

Additionally, on April 11, 2019, the Government of Ontario proposed the Modernizing the Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship Act, 2019 (Act) which, if passed, would establish a new governance model for the skilled trades and apprenticeship system. This would be a Ministry-led delivery model with industry input in training programs and regulation. You can see the proposed Act as Schedule 40 of Bill 100 here <> .

During the transition period, the College will continue to deliver on its core services. Please visit our website at <>  for further updates.