September 10, 2019 Press ReleaseThe Automotive Aftermarket Retailers of Ontario (AARO) has formed a National “Repair It Right 2020” task force for the Canadian automotive repair shops. AARO has formed an alliance with association’s and Parts supplier’s right across Canada as a result we now have a Strong Voice Nationally. We are calling on all technicians to join us so that we can have access to information, tools and equipment to repair all vehicles.

All Canadian Service Information Requests (SIRs) are to be sent to the National Repair It Right task force at and by submitting your SIR to the web site you will receive a response from one of the technical task force members. A video showing how and when to submit a service request form is available on this site The “Repair It Right 2020” hot line number is 1-833-787-4020

An SIR is to be used when repair and diagnostic information cannot be found using your in shop information systems (Alldata, Mitchell, Direct-Hit, etc.) and or the factory OE website. When the information you are looking for is unavailable please take the time to fill our and SIR so that the problem can be corrected. This helps all technicians and benefits all of us.

Our group has joined the National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) the American counterpart to the Canadian Automotive Service Information Standard (CASIS). For the independent automotive repair shop to access the information, flashing and reprogramming of vehicles tools, equipment and training that are not available to the aftermarket here in Canada. CASIS has not been entirely successful in getting the OE manufacturer’s to respond to giving us the access and information required to service Canadian vehicles. Security codes for some manufacturer’s and easy access to Service Information in a timely fashion (Mercedes Benz for an example) are two of the major problems we in the Canadian aftermarket face. NASTF has agreed to work with us to ensure that we have the same access as they do to Service, Diagnostic and Programming information. At NASTF’s request all Canadian SIR’s must come through AARO where AARO staff will review and vet the SIR’s before passing them along to NASTF.

All Technicians need to register with NASTF for free by going to and you may also apply to become a Vehicle Security Professional (VSP) on the NASTF site. When you apply it will ask you who you are affiliated with, make sure you tick “AARO” in the drop down box.

The Automotive Aftermarket Retailers of Ontario (AARO) is an industry association that represent the aftermarket repair shops for more than 80 years. In Ontario alone we represent thirteen thousand shops and across the country with our alliances we represent approximately twenty two thousand across the country.