Are you able to Repair all Vehicles coming into your Bays?

Problems? Questions? Frustrated?

AARO has formed a National “Repair it Right 2020” Taskforce for the Canadian Automotive Shops.

We have formed an alliance with Associations and Parts Suppliers right across Canada as a result we now have a Strong Voice Nationally.  We are calling on all technicians to join us so that we can have access to information , tools and equipment to repair all vehicles.

Join NASTF for FREE! Click on the NASTF link on the left side of the homepage or go to When you apply it will ask you who are you affiliated with, make sure to tick the “AARO” in the drop down box. You may also apply to become a “VSP” Vehicle Security Professional  on the NASTF site for key codes etc.

If you have had a vehicle in your bays and can’t find the information to repair the vehicle do the following 3 steps below:

  1. On the Website on the home page you will see on the left side “REPAIR IT RIGHT 2020’
  2. Fill in the Service Information Request form ( Simple and Quick)
  3. There is a How and When to fill in a “SIR” Service Information form Video if you are unsure of the process.

Once you have completed the “SIR form” click send and the National “Repair it Right 2020” Taskforce technicians will review it and endeavor to get you an answer to your problem in real-time.