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Some Words From Our Members

I am Bob Ward, owner of the Auto Guys, and long time AARO member. I've been an AARO member for several reasons; the most important reason is that AARO is a lobbying group, they recognize our problems and concerns and they pass it on when they are at meetings in lobbying the government on our behalf; the second reason is networking, it's very important to network amongst professionals and we can call upon the other members of AARO at any time and build relationships with them; and the third reason is the affinity programs that they have; the affinity programs help me save money in my operating cost and have the benefits of being a member of a larger group.

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Bob Ward, Auto Guys

My name is James Shields, my wife and I own Tommy's Motors in London, Ontario. We've been in business 30 years, in the mid-90's I decided to go to a convention in Toronto hosted by AARO, I met a group of wonderful people, all like-minded people wanting to do an honest job for an honest pay; I found out about a school that they offered for how to do bookkeeping and everything else to run an automotive repair shop, came away from there with a new knowledge on how to do things in a different way; I took the schooling, it was huge for me; all these things along with my involvement over the years of being in the AARO board have been amazing for my business, they've helped me grow my business and make it what it is today, I want to say thanks to AARO, they're a good part of why I am where I am today.

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James Shields, Tommy's Motors

Meet the AARO Board

Mike Adema
Mike AdemaDirector
Ken Buehler
Ken BuehlerDirector
Rick Callaghan
Rick CallaghanDirector
Emily Chung
Emily ChungVice President
John Cochrane
John CochraneDirector
Darryl Croft
Darryl CroftDirector
Diane Freeman
Diane FreemanExecutive Director
Tamara Ghosn
Tamara GhosnDirector
Rudy Graf
Rudy GrafImmediate Past President
Steve Gushie
Steve GushieDirector
Carrie Hall
Carrie HallDirector
Jamie Holmes
Jamie HolmesDirector
Mark Lemay
Mark LemayDirector
Eric Mileham
Eric MilehamPresident
James Shields
James ShieldsDirector

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