AARO has partnered with AutoServe1to bring you digital vehicle inspections

Digital vehicle inspections (DVI) help you to build trust with your customers, identify sale opportunities, and increase your average repair order (ARO).

Building Trust and Better Communication

Customers today are more educated and require more information when making decisions. Often doing research prior to having their vehicle serviced to ensure the needs of their vehicle are being met. Millennials are at the forefront of this shift, preferring to communicate through text and leveraging technology and the resources available to make better informed decisions. Digital inspections allow shops to communicate technician’s findings and recommendations to their customers, providing a deep level of transparency with pictures and videos that are sent directly to the customer’s phone.

Identify Sales Opportunities

Today’s market requires automotive repair centers to work effectively and efficiently. Digital inspections help shops ensure that it is consistent with their workflow minimizing inefficiencies and missed opportunities. With powerful tools built into our AutoServe1’s platform such as Mobile Payments and OE Scheduled maintenance, DVI ensures your team has the tools they need to work efficiently and identify more sales opportunities.

Increase Your Average Repair Order

Digital inspections enhance the customer’s experience by providing full visibility into the vehicle’s health paired with educational material to help the customer better understand their vehicle diagnostics. DVI empowers customers with the knowledge and understanding required for your customers to make educated decisions more quickly and confidently.