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You’re not alone! Join an association!

There was a time – not so many years ago actually – when the independent repair shop considered the garage across the street his competition. There was little communication between them, certainly no cooperation, and more often than not there was a kind of quiet hostility between them.


Today, you need that shop and all independent shops to help sustain your business. Why? Because you’re both in a dogfight with a bigger, better financed competitor: the car dealerships and of course Government bureaucracy from the MOT, WSIB, CRA to the Ministry of Labour. Not to mention the need for information and training to service today’s vehicles. Today you have to learn to work together with other independent shops, sharing information and resources, which is why I always been a firm believer in joining an association.


Bruce Eccles, Eccles Auto Service Inc.

I joined AARO for technical training when I first opened my business, little did I realize what an effect this would have helping me in business. Training was important as fuel injection was now the driving force. We spent hours transitioning to new systems, what I didn’t realize is that not only did the cars change so did the business.

I wasn’t sure what to do so I called AARO, they were already on top of what needed to be done and had seminars and courses to help in the transition. Wow I was amazed. I realized over the next decade that not only is AARO a guiding force for training but also provided all the information to run a business and information that would be an assist in profitable numbers. AARO provided legal information, help in succession planning, family purchase of business, government assistance etc. They also proved information for credit card percentages and that they work with the suppliers to get the best pricing and not lose any of the Benefits. They do all the foot work.

To date I find that AARO has and still informs me on the up coming issues before they happen. AARO is a ONE STOP service for all your automotive business needs.

Rick Callaghan, Stoufville, ON

I am Bob Ward, owner of the Auto Guys, and long time AARO member. I've been an AARO member for several reasons; the most important reason is that AARO is a lobbying group, they recognize our problems and concerns and they pass it on when they are at meetings in lobbying the government on our behalf; the second reason is networking, it's very important to network amongst professionals and we can call upon the other members of AARO at any time and build relationships with them; and the third reason is the affinity programs that they have; the affinity programs help me save money in my operating cost and have the benefits of being a member of a larger group.

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Bob Ward, Auto Guys
Why did I become an AARO member? "There is strength in numbers."

I've always believed that, and especially when it comes to impressing change. With that I became an AARO member, back in the mid-eighties, it was a time of change/evolution in our industry and I, like many others, needed assistance.

AARO was all that and much more to help the independent navigate the new challenges of diagnosing EFI, ABS, CAN/ECU etc. The benefits of AARO have always outweighed the cost of membership by offering credit card discounts as well as an insurance programs and training.

There was always a member somewhere, who would be able to help out another member with an automotive problem. AARO has always had its members backs when it came to government, and today has the respect of our industry and government. Those who don't see the benefit of being an AARO member need to pull their head out of the sand and see the light.

AARO is the glue that holds the independents together.

Remember, "There is strength in numbers."

Rudy Graf, Graf Auto Centre Ltd.

My name is James Shields, my wife and I own Tommy's Motors in London, Ontario. We've been in business 30 years, in the mid-90's I decided to go to a convention in Toronto hosted by AARO, I met a group of wonderful people, all like-minded people wanting to do an honest job for an honest pay; I found out about a school that they offered for how to do bookkeeping and everything else to run an automotive repair shop, came away from there with a new knowledge on how to do things in a different way; I took the schooling, it was huge for me; all these things along with my involvement over the years of being in the AARO board have been amazing for my business, they've helped me grow my business and make it what it is today, I want to say thanks to AARO, they're a good part of why I am where I am today.

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James Shields, Tommy's Motors

I have been a member of AARO since the 90's after reading of the organization in SSGM magazine. Since then, AARO has been a part of the arsenal of tools available to my successful business operation.

AARO has been a great source of training for both technical and business management over the years. It is said there is strength in numbers which is true. One also gains strength and confidence by exchanging strategies and information learned and shared by other members of the association. AARO's representation of a large group of independent shop owners around the province has made it possible to negotiate extensive cost savings in products like insurance, credit card processing costs, shop uniforms, stationary supplies to name a few.

AARO has became the voice of the independent automotive industry in government legislations affecting our service sector. As things keep evolving in our industry this will be even more important to every shop owner. It has grown to be the source for up-to-date automotive industry news as it develops.

Over my career we have progressed from carburetors to fuel injection, to hybrids and now the electric evolution is before us with its challenges and rewards. I am confident AARO will be there to assist all independents along the way. I am grateful to have been a part of this association over the years and encourage anyone who has been going it alone to join up with this group.

Ken Buehler, Buehler Automotive

Meet the AARO Board

Mike Adema
Mike AdemaDirector
Rick Callaghan
Rick CallaghanDirector
Emily Chung
Emily ChungDirector
John Cochrane
John CochraneDirector
Darryl Croft
Darryl CroftDirector
Bruce Eccles
Bruce EcclesVice Chair
Diane Freeman
Diane FreemanPresident
Tamara Ghosn
Tamara GhosnDirector
Rudy Graf
Rudy GrafPast Chair
Steve Gushie
Steve GushieDirector
Jamie Holmes
Jamie HolmesTreasurer/Director
Mark Lemay
Mark LemayDirector
Eric Mileham
Eric MilehamBoard Chair

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